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The Old Railway Station
History of the Carriages


Our Carriages


The Carriage of Flora was first in service in 1923. The Carriage first started in within the formation of cars allocated to the “White Pullman” service. Flora was in this formation from 1923 until 1929. 

After 1929 Flora was placed in the "Golden Arrow" formation. Flora stayed with the Golden Arrow for 10 years. The Golden Arrow service was a luxury boat train. This means that Flora amongst other carriages transported passengers to ports for them to board boats.  In this instance the Golden Arrow train linked London to Dover. This allowed passengers to board ferries to France.

In 1939 Flora then left the Golden Arrow service due to WWII. In 1946 Flora was restored and  joined the Golden Arrow Service once again until 1951.

For the next ten years Flora was allocated to Pullman Operations on Southern Region until 1961. In 1961 it was withdrawn from all Pullman Operations. 


A year on in 1962, Flora then was converted into a Camping Coach in workshops at Preston Park.


In 1963 Flora was then located in Marazion, Cornwall. 

Flora then was sold to a few different buyers and finally bought by The Old Railway Station in 2002. Where it has been restored and maintained to this day. 


Mimosa first went in to Pullman Operation in March 1914.  

Carriage Mimosa was then re-built at the workshops at Preston Park, Brighton as a Composite car in the year of 1935.

On June 1st 1949 Mimosa burnt out at Latchmere, Battersea along with one of our Carriages Alicante. In 1950, Mimosa was then taken back to Preston Park workshops at Brighton and rebuilt as a first class parlour car.   

After Mimosa was rebuilt it was placed within formation along with Alicante and Formosa. These cars were allocated to the Coronation 'Spithead Review' Train 'G' 09:08am Platform 11 Waterloo to Southampton. Mimosa was also then within the formation for service from Southampton to Waterloo. 

During the year of 1961, Mimosa was withdrawn from Pullman Operations. The following year Mimosa was converted into a camping coach at Preston Park, and given the identity number of W9869.

From 1963 to 1990 Mimosa was at Marazion Cornwall. Mimosa was then up for sale for 8 years, until 1998 which Petworth Railway Station bought it and it was re-located. During the year of 1999, Mimosa was renovated and restored. 



Alicante was bought into Pullman operation in 1912. 

From 1923 until 1935 Alicante was allocated at Victoria/Charing Cross to Margate. As part of Ramsgate Harbour services.

In 1935 Alicante was then taken to Preston Park where the car was reconstructed as a Composite Car. This meant both Alicante and Mimosa were cars for more than one social class. 


The year of 1949 was the year Alicante burnt out along with Mimosa. the following year, 1950, Alicante was reconstructed and then placed in formation in 1953. These cars were allocated to the Coronation 'Spithead Review' Train 'G' 09:08am Platform 11 Waterloo to Southampton. Alicante was also then within the formation for service from Southampton to Waterloo.

In 1961 Alicante was withdrawn from Pullman operations. 1962, Alicante was converted in to a camping coach like Mimosa and was located in Cornwall, with the identity number of W9874. 

In 1964 Alicante was sold by Western Region to the BR Staff Association. In which by 1984 B.R.Staff Association sell all the Marazion cars to Mr Hitchens.

1990 Alicante along with 5 other cars where up for sale, until 1998 where they were sold and transported to Petworth.


In 1999, a whole year of renovations was completed and the carriage had a new purpose. Alicante is now positioned next to Mimosa at Petworth. 



Our Montana Carriage was bought into Pullman operations in 1923. 

In 1924, Montana was Allocated as an End Car to the “Pullman Continental Express“ Victoria – Dover service. Alternating with Pullman Car Flora in this duty.  Montana then joined Flora to and remained to the 'White Pullman' service. A few years later in 1929, Montana was renamed from the 'White Pullman' to the 'Golden Arrow' service. 

Fast forward to 1939 all Pullman services were withdrawn due to the Second World War outbreak. After the war had ended, Montana was relocated to from the 'Golden Arrow' service to other Southern Pullman services in 1951.


Montana was then noted in 1954 to be part of the “Ocean Liner Express”. This service was from Waterloo to Southampton Docks.  

In 1960 Montana was withdrawn from Pullman services. The same year Montana was converted into a camping coach and located at Oulton Broad South with the identity number CC165.

From 1962 - 1965 Montana was located at Heacham, King's Lynn. In 1966 Montana was privately purchased by Mr Hodgkinson and relocated to Barnwell Junction near Cambridge, until 2007.

In 2007, Montana was purchased and relocated to Petworth Station. Restoration of the car commenced internally and externally. During the year 2008 Montana restoration completed and first guests are received.

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