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Travel Information for Guests

The Old Railway Station

Petworth    West Sussex    GU28 0JF

Tel: 01798 342346 / Emergency Tel: 07423 187305

E-mail:  Website:


Although it is advisable to have a car when visiting us - there are taxis and a local bus that can take you to Petworth or Chichester.

If you do not have a car and are coming by train then Pulborough is our nearest station.  Although you could get a bus from Pulbrough to Petworth, a taxi might be the better option as buses are limited to certain times and days.


Our nearest Train Station is Pulborough.

Chichester Train Station is 30 minutes away - if travelling on a weekday a bus can be taken from Chichester to our local stop - however it is advisable to check the bus timetables before travelling.


We don’t have too many of those around here.  There are few reliable taxi operators in the area which are busy most of the time.  With so few taxis and such a large area to cover, they are rather expensive, compared with taxis in a large city.  We advise contacting the taxi company before you stay.

Richard's Executive Private Hire    07703 572721  or  01798 368 906

South Down Taxis    01798 874111

Sue's Private Hire

ON THE DAY BOOKINGS telephone :-  07918 137066

FUTURE BOOKINGS OR ENQUIRES telephone :-  01798 874848 (answerphone if out driving)

Pescadoras Private Hire    07467 521760

Tom's Private Hire    07848 810100

MJ Cars   01798 874321

Rother Valley     07799 888480


There is a Bus - the 99 that runs from Chichester to Petworth.  This is a fairly limited service that does not run on Sundays and does need booking.  for more information please see the Compass website or call 01243 858854


We are in the South Downs National Park and near The Serpent Trail, so there are lots of walking routes around us.  Guest can walk to Petworth from The Old Railway Station, however it is a long off-road walk.  Please see the following for more information on walks in the local area.

Serpent Trail

South Downs 

South Downs Walks

Walk to Petworth

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